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Caudex Bulbs Growing Instruction

Both the stephania erecta and phyllanthus mirabilis are caudex plants with a swollen stem. If grown indoor year long, they make wonderful house plants and do not go dormant in a consistent growing environment. They prefer moderate watering and filter indirect light. 

Soil mix - chunky airy mix. Use cactus soil, add perlite, play sand and orchid mix.

How to pot them
1. Plant the bulb on the top of pot, cover at least the bottom 20% in soil. If you don't know which end goes into the soil, check the surface color. The part that was originally in the soil is slightly darker than the rest. The end that goes into soil usually appears to be more bumpy and has tiny “eyes”.

2. Top the soil by small rocks for aesthetic appeals and support.

3. Water once a week at the base and mist daily. Humidity is key. Adding a humidifier helps.

4. Leave the pot indoor with filtered natural light.

5. If the environment is very dry, enclose the entire plant with the pot in a dome or plastic bag to create humidity. Only open when watering. It will sprout in 4-8 weeks.

Humidity is key to start them up right. 80 humidity is recommended. Mist daily.



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